Other Grants

There are some grants and schemes available towards reducing the cost of energy improvements in homes. These include:

Energy company assistance

Most energy companies offer free loft and cavity insulation so speak to your energy supplier and check if you qualify to get one. Some energy suppliers can supply insulation even if you are not their customer. Check their websites or contact them directly for more information.

Islington Council will be working with Energy companies to deliver the next round of Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding. This will be used to help make energy saving improvements to vulnerable residents living in private accommodation in Islington. The council’s Statement of Intent can be found here: ECO2t Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent.

Resident Support Scheme (RSS)

At risk or vulnerable residents who do not have sufficient funds to pay for fuel costs can be helped by the Resident Support Scheme. This is typically to help prepayment meter users who do not have enough money to heat or power their home.

Free kitchen appliances for SSE customers

SSE have opened a new scheme for pensioners, families on a low income (below £16,190 a year) with children under the age of 9, and people who are receiving a disability related benefit (ESA, PiP or DLA). The scheme is likely to run out quickly so apply today.

Qualifying households can replace one appliance which is either 10 years old, broken or not already owned. They can have one of the following appliances supplied and fitted free of charge.

  • Washing machine
  • Fridge
  • Electric cooker
  • Gas cooker
  • Microwave

Our Energy Doctors are able to help you complete the application and can also fit energy saving measures on the same visit. Call today on 0800 953 1221 or email shine@islington.gov.uk.