Save energy in the home

Rising energy bills are affecting many people in Islington. Our Energy Advice Team can help you to keep your energy bills as low as possible by supporting you to take simple actions to minimise the cost and help your home become more energy efficient in the long term.

Don’t forget you can also do plenty of things that don’t cost anything and help you to save money such as not leaving appliances on standby, using your washing machine or dishwasher at a lower temperature, only filling the kettle with as much water as you need and plenty of others.

For an overview of all Islington Council’s work towards home energy efficiency, see our 2017 HECA Progress Report.

Save energy, save money


The best way to save yourself lots of money and make your home more energy efficient by using energy saving measures. Let us guide you through simple steps you can do yourself without spending too much money.

Economy 7

Getting the best out of Economy 7 storage heaters can be difficult. Our Storage Heater Guide gives advice on how to get the best out of this sort of system.


We have a range of small energy saving items in our shop which will help you to make those improvements and save you money too. Our Shop page will help you to find out more.