Home energy saving investments

There are lots of things you can do in the home to save energy and save money that require some financial investment. These measures pay for themselves over time as they help you to consistently save energy and reduce your bills.

  • Fit radiator panels behind your radiator to save up to 10% on your annual heating bill. Radiator panels are moulded plastic panels that help your heating system run at its most efficient. You slide them behind your radiator and attach them to the wall.
  • Install cavity wall insulation. Most homes built after 1930 have cavity walls, which is a gap between the inside and outside walls. Insulation is pumped into the cavity, making your home instantly warmer and saving you money on your bills. Contact your energy supplier to see if you qualify for free insulation measures.
  • Install secondary glazing, which is effectively adding another window on the inside of your existing one. It reduces noise as well as draughts. There are various different systems you can use.
  • Look at solid wall insulation. Around a third of the heat lost in an uninsulated home escapes through the walls. And if your home was built before 1920 then you probably have solid walls. Solid walls means you have just a double layer of bricks between you and the outside. If you own your home please speak to the Energy Advice Team on 0800 953 1221.
  • A more expensive measure is a boiler replacement. Heating accounts for 80% of your energy bill. Old, inefficient boilers mean higher gas bills, more carbon emissions and increased pollutants that cause breathing difficulties. Have a look to see if you’re eligible for the Safe and Warm scheme or other grants.
  • If you have gas central heating it’s also good to have Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s) as well. TRV’s let you control the temperature of each individual radiator, so even if your central heating is on you don’t have to heat rooms you are not using. Have a look at our videos on how to correctly set your heating controls.
  • To keep your home warm it is best to have at least 270mm (10 inches) of loft insulation, so it’s worth checking whether you can top up your current levels of insulation. If you insulate a loft that has no existing insulation you could save up to £180. If you top up existing insulation by over 150mm you could save £25 a year.

Water saving measures

  • Contact Thames Water for some free water saving devices! Thames Water also offers Watersure Plus, which could cut your bill by up to 50%. Check your eligibility!