Understanding your energy bills

Difficulties paying your bill? Not sure why are you paying so much? Fuel debt?

We can help you understand your bill better, give advice about changing your supplier and let you know what you can do if you are having difficulty paying your fuel bills.

Energy bills are often confusing to look at. Each energy supplier sets their bills out differently, and this means often times you find you are not paying the correct amount for your gas and electricity. It is important that you are paying the correct amount, so you do not get into debt with your supplier. The video on the right will help you understand your energy bill better.

Energy switching

Switching energy supplier can usually save people around £200 a year on their energy bills!. Shop around and take advantage of the best energy deals on the market.

Help with your bills

See if you qualify for any help with your energy bill: the priority services register; the Warm Home Discount Scheme; and utility trusts.

Getting to grips with prepayment meters

Residents using prepayment meters can end up paying more for energy than those who use other payment methods. Find out more: