Help with your bills

Each energy company has a range of different services to support vulnerable customers. There are three main types of support:

  • the Priority Services Register
  • the Warm Home Discount Scheme
  • Charitable Trust Funds.

More advice is available on our Fuel Debt page.

Priority Services Register

All large gas and electricity companies offer a range of free services to their most vulnerable customers, which include pensioners, the disabled and long-term sick.

Joining the Priority Service Register entitles you to the following free services:

  • A gas appliance and installation safety check (if everyone in the home is eligible)
  • Quarterly meter readings
  • Help in moving a meter if it is in an inconvenient position
  • A personal password system for gas and electricity staff to use every time they call at the person’s home, to confirm they are genuine
  • Help if they have difficulty in using certain appliances
  • Their bills can be sent to a friend or family member on their behalf
  • Bills can be supplied in different formats, such as large print or Braille, by cassette or in a different language
  • Some energy companies offer extra services to residents. Most energy companies require you to be on their priority service register before allowing you a social tariff.

The Warm Home Discount Scheme

The Warm Home Discount Scheme offers a £140 rebate towards the cost of your electricity. This is subject to eligibility criteria and participation.

Utility trusts

Some energy companies and other utility companies have special funds to help customers who have got into debt with their service. To see if you would be eligible to apply for an energy trust fund speak to your energy supplier, or contact the Energy Advice Team.