Bunhill 2 – Project Partners

The Bunhill phase 2 project is an outstanding example of collaborative working between Islington Council’s Energy Services Team and a wide range of partners and contractors. Islington Council would like to thank the following partners for their invaluable input in this world-first project:

  • Transport for London – As a key partner in the Bunhill 2 scheme, TfL upgraded its City Road mid-tunnel ventilation system to enable the capture and utilisation of waste heat from the Northern line tunnels to provide hot water to local homes and businesses. TfL is also carrying out further research to identify opportunities for similar projects across the Tube network as part of its Energy and Carbon Strategy.
  • Celsius – A European Union-funded project that provided funding for the new energy centre and heat network expansion. This funding was provided as a part of a wider project exploring low carbon innovation for heat networks in several European cities, including Cologne, Genoa, Gothenburg and Rotterdam.
  • The Mayor of London – Brought together Islington Council and TfL to form the partnership that has delivered the Energy Centre for the Bunhill phase 2 project. City Hall also funded the early feasibility work for the project and co-ordinated London’s overall involvement in the Celsius project.
  • Cullinan Studio – Provided the architectural concept design for the new Energy Centre; consulting extensively with the local community, Planners and local Councillors to secure Planning Permission. McGurk Architects were then appointed to take the design through to completion.
  • Ramboll – Carried out feasibility studies to confirm that the heat pump concept was financially and technically viable and acted as Client Engineer developing the design of the system, and worked as Islington’s Contract Administrator.
  • Colloide Engineering – Design and Build contractor for the Bunhill phase 2 project.
  • Gleeds – Acted as Cost Manager during the project, valuing the amount of work carried out under the contract.
  • GEA – Designed, manufactured and installed the heat pump system in the new Energy Centre. GEA Refrigeration Technologies is a global specialist in industrial refrigeration, heating and sustainable energy solutions for a wide array of industries including, food, beverage, dairy, oil & gas and district heating.
  • Topic Plan – provided Testing and Commissioning assurance for the project.
  • AECOM – Provided support and advice to Islington Council on the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations to ensure suitable Health and Safety management arrangements were in place during construction. AECOM also provided support to Colloide in discharging their duty under these regulations as Principal Contractor and Principal Designer.
  • London South Bank University – analysed the real life performance of  the scheme, evaluating its benefits and identifying how best it can be applied. The research project will serve as guidance to help operators optimise the efficiency of the heat generation plant and better understand the impacts of the scheme in London and worldwide. 
  • Toby Paterson – Created artwork panels for the face of the new Energy Centre representing a quiet celebration of the often overlooked and occasionally undervalued everyday infrastructure that defines so many Londoners’ lives.
  • Inner Circle Consulting – worked alongside Islington’s internal team on this important and strategic energy project to strengthen project leadership and enhance internal capacity.