Bunhill 2 – Why did we build it?

The project brings a number of key benefits for local residents and the wider community:

  • The Bunhill phase 2 extension to the Bunhill Network will bring cheaper, greener heat to another 550 homes and Moreland School. This is on top of the 800 homes that were already receiving heat from the network.
  • All Islington Council tenants connected to the network receive a 10% discount on their heating charges
  • The Bunhill phase 2 extension to the Bunhill network will result in approximately a 500 tonne reduction in carbon emissions per year
  • Adding a new Energy Centre to the Bunhill network increases the resilience of the network as one Energy Centre can take over if the other one develops a fault or requires maintenance
  • The new Energy Centre and extension to the BHPN helps the capital become more self-sufficient in energy
  • The project has increased understanding of the opportunity that waste heat can play in decarbonising heat networks, how waste heat can be integrated into heat networks and the role that heat networks can play in decarbonising a city’s heat supply and supporting its wider energy system.
Bunhill Heat and Power Network Energy Centre