Bunhill Heat and Power Network

BHPN links together the existing Bunhill phase 1 heat and power network with the new Bunhill phase 2 extension. The network is located in the London Borough of Islington’s densely populated, urban Bunhill district, close to the major Old Street roundabout.

The Bunhill phase 2 project is an extension of the existing Bunhill heat and power network which has been providing cheaper, greener heat to over 800 homes since 2012.

The original network, Bunhill phase 1, is powered by a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine at an energy centre in Central Street. This CHP engine is powered by gas and uses heat created from producing electricity to heat buildings and provide hot water. Unlike normal electricity production that wastes up to two thirds of the fuel used to make it, the waste heat the CHP generates is captured for the heat network.

The success of Bunhill phase 1 encouraged the council to extend the network to supply heat and hot water to 550 additional properties, as well as creating capacity to add further private connections in the future.

To achieve this, a new Energy Centre was constructed with a pipe distribution network. Islington partnered with Transport for London (TfL) to provide the additional heat from the tube.

By building a new Energy Centre, the network now has the capacity to supply heat to more buildings that want to connect.

Map of Bunhill Heat and Power Network

Bunhill Heat and Power Project Partners

The Bunhill phase 2 project is an outstanding example of collaborative working between Islington Council’s Energy Services Team and a wide range of partners and contractors.

The Bunhill Heat and Power brochure

This brochure explains what the Bunhill Heat and Power Network is, why we built it and how it works.