Fuel Debt

If you’re in arrears with your gas or electricity, it’s important to address the problem straight away. If you don’t pay your gas and electricity (fuel) arrears you risk being cut off. Because there is a risk of being cut off, you should deal with gas or electricity debts before other, less important ones such as credit card or catalogue debts, overdrafts, loans or money borrowed from family and friends.

How to resolve your energy debt?

  • Contact Energy Advice Team who can guide you through your options.
  • Contact your energy supplier to let them know you are having difficulty paying. Beforehand think about how much you can afford to repay to see if you can reach an agreement with the company.
  • Are you receiving all the benefits you are entitled to? Call the Income Maximisation Team for free on 0800 731 8081.
  • Large energy companies have trust funds to help with fuel debt. We can help you to complete an energy trust fund application form. Contact the Energy Advice Team to make an appointment.

The Islington Citizens Advice Bureau can also offer you help and advice.

The Islington Law Centre or Islington People’s Rights can help if you are in serious difficulties.

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