Prepayment Meters

Many consumers like prepayment meters because they help them to stay in control of their energy budgets and costs.  However the energy tariffs are often more expensive and offer less choice.

Watch our essential guides to prepayment meters videos. These three short films cover the basics of managing your gas and electricity through prepayment meters including what you pay and how prepayment works. Versions without subtitles are available at the bottom of the page.

More information is available on our Prepayment Meter fact sheet and Prepayment Meter Quick Guide.

If you have any questions about prepayment meters in Islington contact the Islington Energy Advice Team.

Smart Prepayment

Some suppliers are starting to offer prepayment through ‘Smart Meters’.  Smart meters offer a range of benefits for prepayment customers including better prices and more convenience.  Smart meters will be installed in all homes by 2020.  Find out more about smart meters on our smart meters page here.

Resident Support Scheme (RSS)

At risk or vulnerable residents who do not have sufficient funds to pay for fuel costs can be helped by the Resident Support Scheme. This is typically to help prepayment meter users who do not have enough money to heat or power their home.

Prepayment Meter Videos

See all of the videos below by clicking on the links.